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Deathmatch Saturday Begins!

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Remember when i made the idea for Deathmatch Saturday, a speed map contest for every saturday to make a map for deathmatch using any port as they like. It begins today and ends for today at 12:00am est time.

This weeks theme of map is: Outdoor Castle/Indoor Castle.

Good luck mappers, as I will judge the work once you submit to

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this is a good idea. You should then have deathmatch sunday when people get together and deathmatch on the winning map.

However, any port they like isn't such a great idea if it's to be played by many.

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Yeah thats a good idea Nick. Although any port allows me to sort the maps out to give them all a fair rating of 1-10.

Edit:Custom sounds/music/textures is allowed btw.

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Shadowrunner's title makes my head want to explode. Big red scrolling letters are 3vil!!!

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ShadowRunner said:

Ha, but is anyone actually participating in this?


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