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i need a new editor

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I want to try a new editor , ive been using waded 1.83
unregistered. what are all your favorite editors.

Also is there a document that explaines new doom tricks
a little less technical than the doomworld editing pages.

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The title doesnt fit for your topic very appropriately, should be renamed to "Experience with new editors"

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I'm surprised deepteam didn't respond to this one yet...

Xdoom gave a good list to check out for somebody just looking around. He'll immediately chuck Wintex (does next to nothing in that area), Windeu is err, Windeu. Doubt he'll like that one. The remaining have good help. Just depends on how far along he is in level editing.

If he likes drawing and prefabs, plus get the total job done the quickest way possible - it sort of narrows it down:)

Not everyone is happy wasting time shuffling prefabs around, rules or no rules.

PS: You don't do very large levels though, since WA refuses to load those. Try the levels I mentioned:)

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