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What WAD editor do I use to extract music files with?

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If it is a MIDI, than that's it. You're done.
If it is a MUS, which is the case for all PWAD's not designed for a port, you have to convert it. utils/sound_edit/mus2midi.zip in the archive can do this. But don't expect getting a nice sheet out of a sequencer as there are no such things as beat information.
If it is MP3 or MOD, you better forget this. Even there are tools attempt to convert those, you wouldn't really listen to the result.

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Rockerone said:

I want to be able to extract a song from a WAD I have into a MIDI file.

DeePsea can extract a MUS and convert to MIDI or if already a MIDI, keep it in that format. F7 - Export. sbsoftware.com

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