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newbie 2 multiplayer

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Id recommend you to try Doom Connector. It shows truely all multiplayer games around here and allows you to play with any engine (source port) you like. Also you can use IDE which shows public servers for ZDaemon, Skull Tag and csDoom. You can also check out the particular engines, some have their own launchers as well: ZDoom, ZDaemon, Skull Tag, jDoom, Doom Legacy. I dont know what you prefer, graphics over gameplay, or oldskool over modern... HERE are described some of the ups and downs of each engine, but its better to download them and try them yourself.

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How can they be better or worse than each other? One is a sourceport and the other is a program for using sourceports. :-)

I'd recommend you install all the ports as you'll be virtually guaranteed to find a game you like on at any given time of the day.

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