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Q to Cakewalk users

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Yeah, I'm the MIDI composer guy. I've been doing pretty much nothing for maps lately, and I was looking to get into it again. Anyway--

1. I'm having trouble switching Banks. I used to have no problem with it on my old Awe32 and CW3.0, but now it's become a problem. The (onboard) card is completely unresponsive in choosing different banks. Normally, this would allow me to enter more than 16 channels(as banks each have 16), and I enjoy having 2 different drum sets simultaneously at my disposal. What would be even more convenient would be a patch-swapping feature, but no one seems to have invented that yet. And another thing...

2. Has anyone gone so far as to see how versatile the MUS format is? I imagine id created their own soundbank, but I'm not sure if this covers multiple drumkits and the like.

Sigh-- I should go piece together an old comp with my old AWE. A better card hasn't been made since.

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Are you sure, your wavetable supports bank switches? Also it is unlikely, you would have 16 banks on every programme number as a good wavetable merely has a few hundred instruments. If General MIDI doesn't fit, you could consider using a MOD format, in case your designing for a port supporting this.

MUS is basically a MIDI stripped of all informations you don't need to merely playing it, like beat formats etc.. IIrc, bank change isn't supported as well. Maybe this is your problem. If your designing for a source port, just let it stay in MIDI format, don't convert it. This might fix the problem in that particular case.

Actually all those unused information could be left out of a standard MIDI as well. Don't know why they invented MUS.

Also in Cakewalk is a switch in the configuration which let you switch MSB and LSB. Maybe it is set wrong. Check this as well.

Supplement edit:
Concerning drumkits, this is not done with a bank change but with a program change message, as you use this for selecting an instrument on other channels. Drumkit change is optional, and therfore your onboard wavetable might don't support it.
You should look for a programme table on the homepage of your chip manufacturer for details.

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