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ZDaemon Time

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Is anyone else going to see Hellboy? I think it looks pretty cool but it has potential to suck, but it surely looks cool. I dunno. I was just reminded of that because there's a new version of ZDaemon out and Hellboy is a demon and all. Anyways, as I was saying a new version of ZDaemon was released last night, that being 1.06 (putting it uh, 0.11/j ahead of Skulltag). You can check out a list of changes and then head over there to download it and start killing all your friends in the only way legally possible. Enjoy.

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i might go see hellboy if a popup from doomworld tells me to.

Horay for Zdemon, but i've already hit that "running cheat bug" that they posted about after a minute of dm (something i rarely do) just the same, i save myself some embarrasment

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