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Embrace Max and Tas NM

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Hey, it looks like I haven't played doom at all for more than a month, what a shame. Had to correct this little mistake, so I played In Death's Embrace. The level is quite good, so I recorded a max in 9:35 and then decided to check if it was beatable in NM. The level is way too hard and long to even try it normal way, but with TAS it didn't take so long, and the result lasts for 6:09.

Both lmps tested to playback OK with the original exe, PrBoom 2.2.4 and Eternity 3.30 beta 5 (and the walkcam modification of it). They both could be polished more.

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Ah, I remember this map. Nice max there. Actually, I recorded a demo of it after it came out, which I never uploaded or anything. A rather slow one; but it was fun to do.

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