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new ver of doom alpha 0.4 tc!

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yeah, i've uploaded a new ver of the doom alpha 0.4 tc to doom.wrong.button.com. you just have to press the link on depot.wrong.button.com where it is (doom diversity, just scroll down). so what are the new features, you say?

* Levels! (they're newer vers of the levels, i can't find anyone who'll rip the originals with Yadex)
* New status bar! (there's still a little bit remaining, but that can be easily fixed)
* Different cheats! (all i'm saying is, "heh" is to change levels (E1M1-E1M5, E1M7-E1M9) and "wang" is all weapons and ammo)
* Music! (now has the original doom music for the appropiate levels, you'll understand what i mean when you'll play it)
* Flats! (yeah, kinda late, but still...)
* Bug fixes and other related crap

Also, I changed the BFG2704 to something more like the BFG9000. However, instead of using it's famous spray, it relies on explosion damage! why i did this is quite simple. read the doom bible.

Like i said above, i need someone to convert the levels to standard doom format. email me if you can help, and i'll send you the levels in 0.4 format right away. Yadex IS required.

If you don't know wtf i'm talking about, don't bother downloading it.

Oh yeah, it requires EDGE 1.24 or later.

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