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Scuba Steve

Action DooM

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Hahaha... Just can't wait to see what's truly inside the archive. Well, the funniest thing was the TITLEPIC.

Steve, U'll have to try harder next time. We have seen thousands of weak maps done by noobs like you. You forgot to put most of the textures, and the weapons are not so cool as You might have expected. I hope you won't get dissapointed and keep working. You definately have the basic skills to do mapping and merge lumps into one archive. But this map is not yet a satisfying one :D

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I wasted my time on crap!

Its not Crap, its ACTION!

LOL Steve.

My favourite part's the impse ;)

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Loved it. Was disappointed in the lack of chaingun replacement, though.

But the big purple head makes up for that.

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