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This! Oh and . . .

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I released a Mock 2.5 wad just in time for April Fools Day. It took me about an hour. Requires Zdoom. Enjoy.

http://hyena.kiwibonga.com/aprilmock.zip [about 10 MB zipped]

I'm also working on a comic for today. Let you know when it's done.

P.S. Some of you are going to hate me when you realize what it is.

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I was originally thinking the maximum number of characters was 8 so I could go up to map99999 if I wanted. So I ran slige to create 99999 maps.
I did a bit of math after running it for a few hours and realized that if the 99 map test wad I did earlier was 3.5 megs, 99999 would be about 3.5 gigs so I decided that was too big. So I closed slige and the output wad was about 700 megs at that point (and since I interrupted in the middle of the wad creation process it wouldn't work if I tried to open it). So I just started over with 999.

True story.

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