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Years in the making

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From #unidoom irc.oftc.net...

[20:40] <@Ralphis> Ladies and Gentleman...
[20:40] <@Ralphis> I am proud to bring to you
[20:41] <@Ralphis> My latest creation
[20:41] <@Ralphis> Years in the making
[20:41] <@Ralphis> My own Blood, Sweat, and Tears poured into this project
[20:41] <@Ralphis> Ladies and Gentleman...
[20:41] <@Ralphis> I bring to you...
[20:41] <@Ralphis> Drum Roll please
[20:41] <+deathz0r> *drum roll*
[20:41] <@Ralphis> Action's : Ralphis Doom !

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ShadowRunner said:

Dude, my eyes are bleeding from that shit.

What are you talking about, I worked my ass off for years on this and all you can do is flame me!

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Wait a minute. Why the hell did you start two threads over this?

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