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Hey everyone

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Here is my music wad. It's nothing you've never seen before. It's just a lot of my favorite music I gathered and made into a wad.

EDIT: there, now you won't have to save it anywhere.
EDIT2: wait wait wait. I put this into a new .htm page, but it still persits. Looks like you have to save it.

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It's to fall into line with every other free web page provider by giving you a crap service. Create an html page with a link to the zip on it and link to that page instead, it should work.

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Bashe said:

If you click the link, it will reopen the thread in a new window. Why does it do that?

I noticed this with many other links as well. Something seems to be wrong with this board.
You can right click on a link, select "Copy Link Location" and insert it into the browser's adress field.

Most free webhosting services don't allow direct links to files other than html is a different story and The Ultimate DooMer wrote what to do about that issue. I don't think it has to do with warez (which won't be stopped this way), it's more about the advertisement you're supposed to see in your browser, which would be bypassed by direct linking non-html files.

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