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Those that have played the original Silent Hill will know what I'm talking about...

In the original Silent Hill, during the latter part of the game, the hero crosses a bridge, and the "real" world turns into hell right before his eyes. I'm trying to recreate the effect for JDoom, where the player is walking down a corridor, and suddenly the floor rots away to a hellish texture and the walls change before thier very eyes from the tech textures to the hellish ones (using a linedef trigger). The walls are easy, but I'm having problems getting the floor to do what I am trying to accomplish. The linedef will activate, but won't turn to the right texture (the floor texture remains the same). If anyone has any ideas, pelase sheare them. Keep in mind while this mod is being used with JDoom, it will have to be able to run with Legacy Doom and vanilla Doom as well.

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Piece o' cake. Create a dummy sector with the same floor/ceiling height as the sector in which the triggering Linedef will appear and give it the floor texture you want transfered to the target sector. Choose one of the "lower/raise floor & change texture" triggers and change both sector references on the triggering Linedef to reference the dummy sector.

How this works: all triggers that change the floor texture work by taking the floor texture of the sector on the first side of the activating Linedef and transfer it to the target sector. The Linedef you're using in this case is a self-referencing sector(invisible) and since its floor/ceiling heights are identical to the surrounding area, the player will never know it's there.

Error checkers will show numerous "unclosed sectors". Ignore them.

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I finally got the effect I wanted tohugh I had to do it a bit differently...

I attached the dummy sector to the sector whose floot texture I wanted to change, and referenced a linedef to it, and built up the walls alng the connecting linedef, and added a trigger to change the walls as well. I guess that might have been what Andy meant LOL.

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