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merge textures

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In XWE open up the main wad (the one you want the textures in) then go to file ->merge and select the .wad you want to merge into the open one.

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Hellbent said:

what's the easiest way to merge a bunch of wads that are textures into one wad?

If you mean both the patches and TEXTURE1/PNAMES, then use DeePsea F7 - Import sbsoftware.com XWE does not merge TEXTURE1/PNAMES and it does not check for duplicate patch names either. Wintex sort of works, but merges incorrectly in some cases, plus you can do only 1 at a time.

You can merge ALL the PWADS at the same time, either by use multiple selects in Open (if in the same directory) or just add the various PWADs and add them to the import list wherever they are.

Make the Target a brand new PWAD - just chose a file name that does not exist - and press Save. This makes it easier to see if you need to make changes.

Since there can be conflicts, check the report that you get after merge. I suggest you print this for easy reference. Duplicates are your main worry.

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thanks guys - i'll look into those options. I already have deepsea, so maybe I will just do it that way

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