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SvStrife update

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you can get version 0.0.2 there.

here's the updates:
-Fixed crash with the turret
-Updated the Grenade attack - better bounce
-Reaver added
-Templer added
-Stalker added
-Crusader added
-Sentinel added
-Player accuracy status added
-Linedef 226 added - see accuracy status
-accuracy now effects weapon aim.
-added special pain special for guards - triggers an alarm
-poison crossbow no longer sounds alarms
-missile explosions fixed - no longer crashes
-Added Gokuma's LAMASERY.WAD with the 0.0.2 package. Now plays without errors......so far.

I know this isn't much. But the next update will have more stuff implented. Mainly the linedef triggers and keys.

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Ah good stuff. I was dying to play Strife the other day, but I've got windows 2000. This could be the answer!!

/me runs off to downloada nd try it.


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