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Which is worse, Spiderdemons or Cyberdemons

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Which monster is harder to kill, the Spider Mastermind or the Cyberdemon?

I think the Spider is harder because the Cyber's rockets are extremely easy to dodge (chainguns are very hard to dodge from)

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If you put a spiderdemon in a room with lots of pillars, that would make it easy to dodge its machine gun, and you could easily kill it.

On the other hand, if you put a spiderdemon in a wide open room, it will be tough to dodge its attacks.

For a cyberdemon, if you put it in a room with lots of pillars, it will be shooting its rockets at the pillars and probably cause the splash damage to get you, making it harder to kill.

If you put a CyberDemon in a wide open area, it's rockets will be easy to dodge, and you can just maneuver around it and kill it easily.

So thus, difficulty varies.

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I agree, it depends on the location where they're placed.
For example, with a BFG, without invulnerability and in a small room with no place to dodge or hide, a Cyberdemon would be much worse than a Spider Mastermind. The Spider can be BFG'ed in no time while the Cyberdemon likely would frag your befor you get the chance.
In a bigger room, with rocketlauncher only and plenty of rockets the Cyberdemon would be much easier as you can't escape the Spider's machine gun but dodge the rockets easily. If you are forced to be partially invisible, this would change things again, as the Spider miss you a lot while rockets dangerously start flying around in unpredictable directions.

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SSWolfenSie said in the topic Fredrik linked to:
CyberDemons are good, but thy're sucks rocket throwers.
I don't so hate the Spiders, but they're good, too.
The stupid pokwer of them was maked them to kill one of the two.
You're got than the Spider Mastermind killing his friends?
See level 28-- The Spirit World.

I like this a lot. Much laughing to be had. :D

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I've heard them be called "Spider Demons," as well.

Yeah, it depends on how they're placed, but generally Cyberdemons are more of a threat. They're faster, more maneuverable, and they're attacks are a large threat in medium/close quarters, or if you let your guard down for a second.

Spider Masterminds are good if placed a long way away from a player, or in a position where they can attack first, with minimal dodge room from its vulcan. It also helps if there's more than one. :P

I always thought the SM was too underpowered. Of course, my in-the-works WhackED patch is going to fix all that.

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