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Improving Counter-Doom

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As 99.9999% of you guys know about Counter-Doom, I was wondering what I can improve on it. Here's what I've done so far (yesterday).

-Changed AUG clip to 30.
-Changed Galil clip to 35
-Raised all of the autorifle's damages.
-Knife slash goes much faster.
-Grenade doesn't go that far anymore. (So you can actually use it :))
-Changed Glock burst to 3 bullets.
-DEagle is much stronger.
-Added Kick Recoil
-Elites are now faster.

Thinks I plan on doing.

-Possibly add shell casings.
-Add secondary grenade function.

I plan to add more to the list, but heh. What do you guys think I should improve on? I want to polish the EDGE version before I move on to Zdoom .64 .

Also, I'm planning on doing another CDoom with the good ol CZ models.

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Scuba Steve said:

-Remove 2000 frames of unecessary animation.


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Now, at least I'm going to be serious.

As a weapon mod, no story needed. However...

+muzzle flashes
+grenade sprite scaling
+make berettas shoot one at a time so you don't have to waste ammo

everything else, i think you listed. So, there you go!

P.S. One thing I love to do is to make custom deaths for doom enemies. If you want certain weapons to have certain effects, I'll make and code the deaths for you(returning the favor of ripping sprites)! And i enjoy making and using new deaths anyway.

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maybe the awp can blow up heads, or knock the heads off the monster and 50 feet away? bouncing heads with blood trails looks cool, and it could leave a splat of blood when it hits the wall.

it makes the weapons twice as fun to use, when the deaths are cool.

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Would it be possible to center the pick-up sprites for the guns a little? they're all off to the right when they're on the ground. And hte grenades are way too big when you throw them.

Would it be possible to lower the ammo you can carry, too? The guns are powerful enough that you don't have to worry about running out of ammo anymore... Maybe you could tighten it up a little?

Oh, and let Nick do the custom deaths. Seeing a zombie's head go flying from an AWP blast would rule.

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-Make the Glock clip 31 rounds, and the alt-fire fully automatic (that's a true Glock 18!)
-Scopes if possible
-with some weapons, my screen goes gray when I use them???
-unsilence the M4

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