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Two things

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1. I was making a dehacked patch and I was editing the Super Shotgun to only have a few reload frames (to try to make it look like it was only pumping). I did this, but it doesn't finish the reload before I can shoot. It's supposed to be:
raise up
put down.
But I can go like:
raise up
but then I can shoot again. How do I make it so it can't shoot until it finishes? If I'm confusing anyone, check out the patch. Just skip to the Super Shotgun and check it out for yourself.

2. Does anyone wanna try my sound wad? I so, you can find it here.
To download it, you'll have to save it on your computer. Can't download it here.

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I made a pump action SSG a long time back. It'll be sitting on my hardrive somewhere. I'll see if I can dig it up.

Edit: here (5kb) also contains a much faster chaingun (couldn't be arsed to remove it). Requires ZDoom.

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