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Free e-mail and web storage

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Holy mother of god, the war has started.

Spymac offers free 1gb mail accounts in addition to 350 megs of ftp storage.

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gone in a year, forced to cut back, slower than shit, forced to use pop ups and spyware... that is the future i see here.
honeslty how many of these things last?

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Job said:

Enjoy your "free" webhosting. :P

That's a more advanced paid service. Note the inclusion of various factors like mysql and separate hosted e-mail accounts.

The free webhosting just hosts files and regular webpages.

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Hmm . . . new home for Grimm's mini-reviews? But wait, this thing is probably gonna go under in like three days . . .

Heh, I almost feel guilty about this . . .

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