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The War Of Hell

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okay after i gained a little experience with Acheron 2.5 i started my own project .... after a week or so in the making i made up my mind about the name is "The War Of Hell" i've almost finished the first level after a LOT of problems with the new flats and new textures i finnaly made it work right .... now after the most recent crash of the Doom Builder i lost the scripts but that was to be redone anyways ... here is the info of the first map form yesterday .... i did a lot of changes today and those level wad stats are kinda half :D

Resource wad :
31 mb - size
259 -flats
3688 - patches

Level wad :
800 k - size
8325 vertices
8409 lindefs
16102 sidedefs
336 sectors
21 things

I didn't hear of a kinda Non-Linear wad till now so this will be kinda the first of it's kind ... anyways i'm in the process of rewriteing the scripts and makeing a webpage for this .... after the first level will be finished i'll release a DEMO of it . it's a ZDOOM exclusive :D .

The player will have some choices to make :D there will be two main stories each having 20 - 30 missions . the player will be able to choose out of a minimun of two missions and a maximun of five after finishing a mission . it's a separate episode that means the original doom II is still playable the mosnters will remain unchanged however some new monsters will be added as soon as i'm confortable with the DECORATE Lump ... there will be two different endings .

I hope the first level will be released as a demo in a week or two ...

I need some help with the decorate lump if anyone knows a wad that is using this lump to make additional monsters please PM me the name so i can look into it to learn that damn lump ... thanks ...

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Currently there are no WADs that use the new DECORATE capabilities. The first version featuring them was released 2 months ago so it's a little too recent for actual releases. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask me (preferably by EMail). Since I invented the format I naturally have some stuff using it but almost nothing uses the more advanced features that got added due to requests by the ZDoom forum community. You may have luck finding some of the examples posted there. A few of them make really good use of some features. Of course there's always the documentation in the Wiki.

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well okay i'll see what i come against and mail you i've already cecked zdoom wiki that's where i found out about it but i was really hoping i saw it in action ... oh well i'll have to do it the nice try way ... thanks for offering to help i'll mail you my problems with the DECORATE ...

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posted screenshot on wip and grew the level size to 2 mb also remade most of the scripting and added loads of new effects . the first part of the level is ready now for the two trials and the first demo will be released ...

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