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I've updated my project's website (same as zdoom.org thread)

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I was going to post a link to the topic I made on the zdoom forums, but thought that it may annoy some people. I will just settle for a copy and paste.

I am sure you have much better things to look forward to than this, but anyway.
I updated the 'demo' file and it now is the current version of what I am working on. It isn't meant to be played, just fooled around with. Very little of it is final.
In the demo, on map02, puke10 (1 - 6) to inhabit the big house with monsters of some sort. cheat all you want.

Well, thanks for your time if it interests you in anyway, and to the rest, sorry for wasting your time.

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Jamaica, the land of HAPPINESS

In AOL land where I live, there'd be a million LOLZ and !!!'s after that sentence.

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