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DTCA - Map21 - Beta Version (Beta Testers)

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I have recently finished a beta version of MAP21. It is ready for beta testing. It is only considered a "beta version" because I will not be releasing this map to /newstuff (I can't release ALL of my maps to /newstuff). I wish to have at least 10 beta testers. Please post here or in the identical thread in the DTCA Forums and I will PM or E-mail (Depending on which one you use) the link for the map.

These are the current beta testers:

1. psykopatmullvad (DTCA Forums)
2. Tom_D
3. Dron
4. 5hfifty
5. Lut
6. DooMBoy
7. Hellbent
8. Darkhaven4

Please claim your spot before no one else can volunteer. Please test the map on difficulties 1-4 if you have time.

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The 4 or 5 errors found on this map so far have been repaired. The patched version is available for beta testing as well. I still have enough room for 5 more beta testers. Please take a little time to see this completed map.

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