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web design

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I need help with a functional method to update my website's layout.

I can use CSS(which is an easy way to improve the look of my site and easy to implement), however that can't do frames(and with about 400 individual pages, that's not a realistic option).
I don't know if Doomworld allows SSI pages(server-side includes), but that might be an option for the navigation frame.(but then that is a severely browser-compatibility limited solution).
ASP/PHP or any other server-side database page-generator is probably unmanagable or unavailable...

Perhaps html for the nav frame and CSS for all the targets? (that wouldn't mesh too well, but that sounds like my only choice)
It's a shame that CSS doesn't support frames... try to find a single site with more than 50 pages that isn't server generated. It's easy to make a pretty site if you only have 5 pages!

Any ideas of a solution? I'm open to anything...

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the only way CSS can do frames is to have a seperate css file for every page...
besides being stupid, that defeats 1/2 the purpose of using CSS in the first place.
But I'm open to anything Fredrik might suggest as he has proven his leet html skills in the past.

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