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Real World 2 released

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I notice that Alexis Neuhaus has released Real World 2.

I haven't played it yet, but I imagine it should be of considerable interest, given that Real World was one of the most popular wads for demos of 2003.

Edit: I've played all ten maps now. It's mostly styled after Doom 1, and it's quite easy on UV, with most of the maps fairly small. Should be demo-friendly; probably needs fast monsters to make it challenging.

I did a fairly casual UV Max on map10. Should go much faster, but I was a bit sick of rocket-suiciding or getting pwned by the cyber.

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Finally. I enjoyed rw(1) alot. :D

I have started to do a pacifist pack for it.
Map02 is quite evil for pacifist and map03 look fairly easy with a nice sr50 jump waiting for me. :)

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I've just gone thru map 5 so far but nice job on it.

Grazza your demo isn't all that bad ;)

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I did a Nightmare and a Pacifist for map10 too. The Pacifist is the more interesting one, given that there is a boss brain in this map.

I'd now verified that all the maps are fine for UV -fast. No really awkward bits - just normal "-fast" skills required.

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