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Game won´t work...

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im tryin to run Doom64 Absolution. But when its loading im gettin a Errormessage ath the end...

"Sys_Init: Setting up machine state.
Sys_Init: Initializing keyboard, mouse and joystick.
Sys_InitMixer: SB Live! Audio [D000]
Sfx_Init: Initializing DirectSound...
DS_DSoundInit: EAX initialized.
DM_WinMusInit: 5 MIDI-Out devices present.
DM_WinMusInit: MIDI initialized.
S_Init: OK.
R_Init: Init the refresh daemon.
R_InitTextures: Missing patch in texture AASHITTY"

Perhaps anybody can tell me what that means? Or how 2 fix it? I´m not really a pro in doom, so i need help. :-/

the d00m_n4p

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