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Retribution Part 3

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During the peace talks, a group of Marines were in the storage warehouse of the base. There was a faint cracking noise from the largest crate. One of the Marines heard it and glanced at the crate. He saw nothing, and resumed his patrol. "CrrrrrCHHHHHHHH!"

The box split open and a horrible 10-foot monster leaped out! It jumped and slid along the walls like some wild beast. It roared and leaped onto one of the Marines, ripping his guts out. The other Marines fired at the foul creature. They pumped shell after shell into the beast, but the shots wouldn't puncture the monster's black skin. It gored one of the Marines with its horns, tearing the victim's organs to shreds. Another Marine ran into the room at top speed and discharged a charged BFG right into the thing's torso. Torrents of orange blood poured from the creature, which screamed and thrashed like a madman. After about 20 seconds of this flailing, the horrific demon fell dead to the cold metal floor.

The surviving Marines looked into the box and found a weapon. The shiny, black gun had a note attached to it: "THIS WEAPON IS A GUN DESIGNED TO EASILY DESTROY ANY NETHERWORLD BEAST, INCLUDING SHIVANS. THE CREATURE IN THE CAGE IS A NEW DEMON THAT WAS RECENTLY DISCOVERED." They noticed that the cage inside the box had been ripped open by claws. "Looks like the shipping department containment crates aren't the last word in quality," one of the Marines said. The others laughed and agreed.

That night, a funeral was held for the dead Marines. Over 20,000 people and N'Garai demons turned up. 2 MArines were killed and one wounded. Whatever the new monster was, it was DANGEROUS. Little did everyone know is that they would meet many, many more of them in the very near future...

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