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Doom 3 Editors

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Yes, I know Doom3 has an editor built in, but is anyone planning on making 3rd party Doom 3 editors, like with original Doom? Is the source code of the editor going to be released? Just wondering!

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Since the editor is built into the engine executable I wouldn't expect to see the source any time soon. However the editor is basically a modified version of Radiant, which is already available as the open source project GTKRadiant. From what I gather id organise the devlopment, and adding Doom 3 support is a stated goal.

Also, the Doom 3 editor is also compatible with a number of common 3D formats, such as those produced by Lightwave and possible 3dmax. This means level geometry can be created in those programs (or any other program which can save in those formats), and then imported into Doom 3. Thus almost any of the big commercial 3d tools is probably a potential level editor, although more complex stuff like entities, lights and effects would probably have to be done in DoomRadiant.

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Well from what I know about Quake III based editing, GTKradiant beats the hell out of standard QER any day... in UI, controls, and in compiling options. It would be nice if this was the case for doom3. Considering that the guy responsible for GTK is being contracted at id right now, the future looks bright.

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