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Mad Scientist

Can't firgure out skinning

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I can't figure out skinning, I'm using XWE for viewing wads, and use the windows paint to edit, but I'm just trying to make the arch vile a skin for Doom 2, it's setup and everything but when I start Doom Legacy it says bad frame blah blah blah, can someone help please?

Ok, wait, I got the texture ready and all (it's not the arch vile anymore, just a normal soldier with a sergeants head, and when I start it it says: R_InstallSpriteLump: Bad frame characters in lump 1498. so what do I do? I'm trying to make the mod work through Doom Legacy for Doom 2 if that helps at all.

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Have you placed the sprites between blank SS_START & SS_END lumps? If not, do so :).

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