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Needles Kane

WADs/Source Ports

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I've been trying to play the WolfenDoom TC for the past week, and I have no idea what I'm doing. Pretending that I don't know anything about WADs or source ports, could someone explain to me how to use/play TC's?

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Usually the -file parameter is all you need. For example
"zdoom -file your_tc.wad"
If there is a *.deh file as well, specify this with the -deh parameter! For example:
"zdoom -file your_tc.wad -deh your_tc.deh"
If there is anything else you might need, it should be explained in the text file which comes with the tc. Also be aware for which port it is designed for, as it probably wouldn't work correctly with other ports.

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Also be sure to read the documentation if you want to play Operation: Arctic Wolf SE. That one requires you to save at some point and then reload the savegame with different PWADs loaded, IIRC.

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