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ok, i have some questions:
1. I use the check map and it comes up with numerous "invalid tag" errors when i use tags, how do i get rid of this without undoing my work?

2. Ok I use a switch to open up a door in e2m1 of my current project, and I put the sector tags in, im not sure if i did it correctly, i put the sector # of the door into the sector tag. And before i did it the switch and door worked but the ceiling drops, so I tried the sector tags and now it doesnt even work now.

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put the sector # of the door into the sector tag

Mmm, nobody reads the help. Both WA and DeePsea clearly explain this (probably DOOMCAD too), but here goes:

The "tag" is not related to a sector number, nor any other object in the level. It's a number that is paired between a linedef and a sector. (I'm going to assume you know these terms.)

So what you do is put a "tag" on the linedef and you put the SAME "tag" in the sector. It just has to be the same number. That connects the linedef to the sector in terms of telling the "action" on the linedef (called a special) where to lower, raise, squish, burn, a sector.

Doors are made with "0" height. Look at existing levels to see how they are made and read the help. WA is a bit clumsy to use as a "detective" for learning since the feedback is only partial.

It pays off to take some time to just browse the help stuff. Especially take the time to go through any sample levels that have explanations (hint).

PS: A sector is NOT an area - it's just a height reference.

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