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Nick Perrin

Half-life map wad?

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A LOONG time ago, I found a wad with about an episode's worth of maps, based on half-life. It came with replacement sprites and sounds for weapons and enemies and new textures for everything too. I know this is not half-life doom, because hl doom has no maps.

If anyone knows where i can find this wad it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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damn. its for zdoom. I made some hl enhancements(weapons and enemies) for EDGE and wanted to test them appropriately.

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The download link for that last one is broken. Oh I couldn't help but notice this:

The Readme said...
6- PLASMA GUN-egon gun
7- B.F.G.-gluon gun

Anyone who knows anything about Half-Life will know these are the same thing...

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yeah, the hl mod im working on is the BEST hl mod for doom to date. I'll make a bet. All weapons function in game as they do in hl(even the hornetgun, except no reloads to keep doom-style gameplay). also, enemies are just like the ones in hl.

i plan to release it soon, its not done yet and i'd like people to make maps for it that are in a half-life style with an HL texture pack i'll make.

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when i say its the best, i mean the best i've seen. or at least, most true to half-life is what i mean.


The gargantuan fires deadly rays of flame! Notice the RPG laser sight, rpg ready to take out his leg!

Gonarch gives birth to hundreds of really annoying baby headcrabs!

Freewebs is being gay, only one pic at a time will work! I don't know why!

P.S. there are no levels included in this release if you were puzzled at why half-life would take place in the doom universe. I can't map worth shit, i'd like people to make some cool half-life maps for this with scriptin and such.

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