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MP3 + ZDoom?

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Yes this can be done, but if you are using copyrighted MP3s in your wad /newstuff WILL NOT accept it. If you are like me on the other hand and use your own MP3s for things like voice acting in a WAD it WILL be allowed. This done just the same as MIDIs. I'll explain using XWE, but the process is almost exactly the same in Wintex.

Open the wad
Insert the MP3 file

If for music: rename the LUMP to D_ and whatever the song is for that level. Meaning something like D_RUNNIN which is the music for MAP01.

If for sound: rename the LUMP to DS and the sound name. You can either replace game sounds like this, or add new ones and make reference to them in a script. Please be sure to update your SNDINFO file so ZDOOM will recognize the LUMP name.

Clean up wad
Save WAD

and that's all there really is to it.

EDIT: And so Boris posts while I was typing my big explanation. Heh...

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I don't have anything to make those sound files so I think I'll stick to MP3s for DTCA, although I must admit that is a very interesting post.

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