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question about sky textures

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i'm aware that this is probably a real newbie question, but how do you use sky textures other than the normal F_SKY1? i notice that they show up on the list of textures for walls, rather than the one for ceilings and floors, and i can't figure out where they are at all, even looking at the maps that use them in doom builder.

keep in mind, answering this, that i don't really know how to do anything beyond what doom builder allows on doom 2 maps, so if it's something more complicated or involves programming then you're going to need to be pretty specific.

and, if anyone knows why screen shots taken during the game appear with dramatically wrong colors when they're cut-and-pasted into paint (or anything else), that would help, too.


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This all has to do with what "episode" you're on for Doom2.

IIRC, Map01-Map11 is SKY1,
Map12-22 is SKY2,
Map23-32? is SKY3.
I can't say I'm sure what skies MAP31 and 32 use, because I've never seen a sky used on them, but that's how it is. Or you can use the Second Sky texture effect under ZDoom *cough MAPINFO cough*

Also, concerning your cut-and-paste images, this can be solved by pressing F12 (assuming your screenshot key is F12) inside of ZDoom or any other source port of the like, and you can usually find it in the source port's main directory under the name of something like:


Where nnn can be .PNG, .BMP, or .PCX (Is there any other source ports that take images as JPG?) Also, if you're using an old version of ZDoom, UIM you can find your screenshot as a .GIF file...

About regular DOOM2.EXE, you need to create a batch file containing this info-


And save it inside your Doom2 directory, as I said, as a .BAT file. Now double click your newly-made .BAT and at any point in the game you feel the need to take a screenshot press F1 (I think) and Doom2.exe saves your image as a .PCX file in the EXE's directory. As for conversions into other formats, you'll need a program other than paint that can view .PCX images.

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Darkhaven4 said:

I can't say I'm sure what skies MAP31 and 32 use, because I've never seen a sky used on them, but that's how it is.

They use SKY3. Actually you can see the sky around the exit of MAP32 and if you have Final Doom or some megawad you can see a lot of SKY3 in those maps.

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thanks for the information. i should have mentioned that it's actually doom95 i'm running, but i just changed doom2 in the filename and contents to doom95 and it worked fine-- except that when i open it in photoshop, it's in grayscale. any suggestions?

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lupinx_resurrected said:

May I recommend zdoom editing which allows you to use any sky texture in any level.

Exactly, like I said, the MAPINFO lump and the "Use second Sky(Mapinfo)"...

And by the way, what format does Doom95 take screenshots in? PCX?

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