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Carmack Labelled Nvidia Fanboy, Carmack Fanboys Weep

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The GeForce 6 was announced this morning, and the press release includes an interesting quote from some guy working on Doom 3:

"As DOOM 3 development winds to a close, my work has turned to development of the next generation rendering technology. The NV40 is my platform of choice due to its support of very long fragment programs, generalized floating point blending and filtering, and the extremely high performance," said John Carmack, president and technical director of id Software

On a related note, here are some koalas.

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Espi said:

What happened with 5?

FX was geforce 5. Notice the 5 in the numbers? :)

ex: 4600 Geforce 4
ex: 5900 Geforce FX
ex: 6800 Geforce 6

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