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Carnage DooM

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*Insert witty comment like "Honestly? wooden." or "Welcome to 1997" here, but i gave up waiting for it to open*

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Numbermind said:

Change the font so it doesn't look like "Cottage Doom".

Would adding more of a space between each letter help that? I like the font.

The Green Marine said:

I think it looks cool. (font included)
Dig the green.

Thanks, my last page was red, I like the green.

fraggle said:

It is very phallic.


Well thanks for your input everyone.

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Woo, I like this new fad, naming Doom projects after yourself.

I think I'll start on Nanami Doom.

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Carnage DooM is as in Carnage's site for DooM related stuff. So it's not a project named after me. I made the site a long time ago, I just rebuilt it.

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