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Hey All

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What's up everyone? I'm new here and new to Doom a little bit and I just wanted to say hi. It looks pretty cool here, I like the layout of the page. I got a question though. I just wanted to know how you hack the console in ZDoomGL? What commands can you put? How do you know what commands to put?

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try this in the console:

logfile console.txt

That'll enable the logfile, write all the commands and then all the cvars to that file, and then disable the logfile.

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A cvar is a variable, changeable via the console, which controls some aspect of gameplay or of the game system itself. Eg 'sv_gravity' is a cvar which controls how heavy everything is ingame.

So, where have you been since Quake?

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joedoom221 said:

Been since quake? I don't get it. How could I experiment with Cvars? Like how do I find them out myself?

Quake was the first FPS to have a console, and cvars accessible via the console.

Anyway, just type "cvarlist" in the console and use pgup and pgdn to scroll through them. Or you could type "cmdlist" to view all the commands (although I don't think there are any specific to ZDoomGL)...

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Not so random quote:

<Linguica> I just realized that fps means both first person shooter and frames per second

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