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Ok, I have a question about Doom 64 Absolution TC. I extracted the files to a directory then I made sure I had the music.wad and Doom2.wad first. Then I ran it and it looked like it was all fine. It showed a loading dialog box, then the screen went black like it was going to load, but then it just went back to my desktop after about 4 seconds. I downloaded it at this link -

[ http://www.doom2.net/~elbryan/doom64tc/doom64_abstin.exe ]

and it's version 2.3.1. Can anybody help? Oh, incase you need to know my PC specs, here they are:

Microsoft Windows XP
Professional (Fully Updated)
Version 2002
Service Pack 1

AMD Athlon(tm) processor
1.30 GHz
512 MB of RAM

Video Device:
Radeon 8500 LE AGP (ATI) internal DAC (350 MHz)
Total Memory - 64.0 MB
Current Display Mode - 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (85Hz)

DirectDraw is enabled
Direct 3D is enabled
AGP Texture Acceleration is enabled

I run DirectX 9.0b

Audio Device:
SBLive! Value Audio (D400)
256 voice

I hope that helps. If there's any way that anybody could help, please do so. Thanks a lot.

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first, you may want to see if you can run the Doomsday source port. Since Absolution is directly based off of that port.

You can get it here:

if you can't get Doomsday to run, then its most likey a hardware problem.
Also (I can't stress this enough) make sure that ALL files are correctly installed into their proper folders. You may want to check if your doom2.wad is valid as well....

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An error message? I know what that is, but I don't get what you're saying. By the way, this is what I did ; I downloaded the executable for Doomsday, then double-clicked on it. It acted as if it were going to load up something, but nothing happened. This is really weird and kind of annoying. I don't think I have a virus because McAfee would have detected it. Thanks.

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