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A reunion of sorts

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My question is neither technical or problem oriented, so hopefully it won't go ignored. I played Doom and Doom II religiously from the time they were released until a few years ago when I moved and ran out of people to play. Recently, I've wanted to pick up both games again, and I was hoping for some advice on the matter. Since MS has released several new operating systems since I played, I was wondering what the best version(s) would be to purchase? I run XP Pro, slackware linux, and Mac OSX. I'd prefer a PC version, I think, since my Mac is a laptop. Is the game still limited to LAN/Modem play, or have they released a version that's internet playable? And last of all, what's a good wad editor to use these days? I can't even remember the one I used to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. ;)


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As long as you have the doom2.wad file (or doom.wad) you can use it with any source port (Quite recommended for XP)

Doom Connector
Both are doom server browsers.
Then you just need the source ports (evolved doom exe's, so to say)
Skull Tag

Those are most common ones. Each one has it's own features. With a little research, or someone else explaining it, you will find which one is best.

As for editing, I use Doom Builder, but there are many other editors, such as WadAuthor, which used to use.

Blah, I am quite sure I just wrote a mini-faq there..

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