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Monster classes...what about player classes?

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Hexen, although I wouldn't be surprised if this was somehow done for Doom as well.

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surge said:

No. The way players are handled prevents it. If you really need an altered player animation or property Dehacked is still the only way to do it. There isn't much that can be done in an external definition lump anyway. If you require some special player behavior it had to be coded into the engine.

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The Ultimate DooMer said:

You could simulate player classes through scripting, but it would be complex to set up and limited in it's usage.

I'm looking for armor/health,weapons, and possibly player speed attributes

wiki's page didnt have the DoomPlayer linked (http://zdoom.org/wiki/wiki.phtml?title=Classes), is there a reference of functions and attributes one can change?

Here is what i found in his helpful site, and this look like possibly enough...but I'm greedy and wondered if there is more to be had :)




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I'm not sure If I help too much :-P, but Massmouth 2 had a slower hero-Massmouth was slower than the Doom Marine.

script 1 OPEN

setactorproperty(0, APROP_Speed, getactorproperty(0, APROP_Speed) * 3/4);

Credit for Cyb.

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