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Henry Rollins spoken word..

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I went to see Henry Rollins do his spoken word at U-Mass last Tuesday, I'd advise anyone to do so if he comes around to your area. He's very well read and an extremely worldly man, also very funny.. He went on for three hours without a dull moment. Point of interest:

Apparently, on his visit to the middle-east to entertain the soldiers, he ran into one of the hired contractors to "rebuild Iraq". Apparently rebuilding Iraq consists of a 15 year contract, which includes the contruction of military bases. Something they've been exclusively building all this time. Good to know my tax dollars are going to soldiers getting shot at while they look out for oil cow-boys trying to get rich, building military compounds and Mc Donalds resteraunts.

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Henry Rollins owns, though I don't like his band very much. Anyone who was in Lost Highway has a bit of street cred in my book. Heh, have you heard his Death to Smoochy story?

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I've been following his spoken word for quite a while. I prefer the rehearsed studio productions like Black Coffee Blues, but his stand-up routines are one of the few that are even remotely funny these days. Some friends and I were going to a show he did here back in 1999, but somehow we missed it, so we resolved to never miss another local Rollins show again. Then he came back a little over a month ago, and somehow we missed it again. Which is rather pathetic, since both times we knew at least a month in advance, but this time the guy who was supposed to drive ended up getting in a drunken accident with no insurance or license, so he'll be spending the rest of this year paying off fees. The rest of us could have organized our own ride, except we're all too lazy.

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ive got a few of his spoken word shows from kazaa

they're pretty awesome

the death to smoochy story is fucked up

I like his ideas on the KKK

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gatewatcher said:

If i'd known he was speaking, I would have gone. Which campus was it at?

U-Mass Dartmouth

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