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Scabbed Angel

Marine's back

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Does anyone know where to find pics of the Doom 3 marine's back? (non alpha?) I'm in the process of drawing a Doom comic based on the pick I did for contest 7, but can't find any. Sorry to post a thread about this, but it's goign to be pretty dull if he's only from the front. Thanks in advance and if any of you liked the comic I did, there is going to be more to look forward to. My goal is a 8-10 page short comic based on Doom 3.

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I know where to find a LEGAL screenshot from the D3 trailer showing just that, but it happens to be on a page with one alpha shot, so linking to the page is a no-no.

Edit: Turns out those shots were gone anyway (Or inaccessible somehow), so I wouldn't have been of much help even if there hadn't been that alpha shot.

Can't you just capture a screenshot from the part in the trailer showing his back? (Note: I don't even know how to do that because I don't care enough - I think it's got something to do with the 'print screen' key).

Edit 2: The closest thing to a shot of the marine's back I could find right away is this

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insertwackynamehere said:

Found this on doom republic. I hope it's legal [link removed]

Uhh, that's an alpha shot - can't you see the crappy quality?

Edit: Ah crap, I had the link in my quote - thanks for doing your job Bluesonnet.

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No alpha\illegal shots please. I should mention that a lot of big doom3 sites out there have alpha shots and naughty scans available. So watch your step.

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Lutrov71 said:

Dammit the alpha shot is better than mine. :(
So much for all my hard work!

Your's was legal, and I've already used it several times, so fear not!

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