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9800 pro (again)

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I know I asked if the 9800 pro is a good card, now would be able to play Doom3? thx

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I think that while the GF3 has the feature set to run Doom 3, a 9800 might not even be enough to handle it properly. but then again "properly" may be expecting too much out of current hardware in regards to Doom 3.

My expectations of "properly" has skyrocketed too much these past few years. :(

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Seriously, a Radeon 9800/GeForceFX5900 will run the game at 60 FPS full detail. A 5700 is a pretty damn fast card and IM ABSOLUTELY positive it will run Doom 3 at playable frames at full/near full quality, so guys relax! Doom 3 has to be sold to the mainstream consumer therefore it will run on a mainstream PC.

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Doom 3 benchies oh oh what is this... a 9600 pro maintaining 35 fps at full details(doom 3 only has 1 detail setting, full) at 1024X768.
drop resolution down to 800X600 if you have less then a 9600 pro. and those with even less, a 640X480 resolution is runnable.

These benchmarks are from May 12, 2003 and there can be little doubt that more optimizations have been done.

With max af and high aa, on highest rez, a Geforce 6800 ultra or a x800xt can murder doom 3 with their power.

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