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WhackEd Off

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Yes, kids, it's that time again; time to download a new version of Whacked. For those of you who might not be hip to the happening scene, WhackEd is like DeHackEd only with less caps and it's Windows based. Here's a changelog:

  • Boom support
  • Recent files list and menu items
  • Lots of cosmetic changes and a new logo\layout
  • You can now use an additional Data WAD next to an IWAD
  • Source code is also available

So what the frick are you waiting for, get over there and download it. And hey, check out this bucket of lamprey!

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Cyb, did you remember to take your medication today? Here's my hand, take it, I can help!

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Lüt said:

That could almost pass as a Doom3 screenshot.

That could make a cool texture if you could make it tile decently.

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