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If, e.g., you want to watch a demo called pn22-123.lmp on a pwad called hr.wad, you would use the following command line:

prboom -file hr.wad -playdemo pn22-123

That's assuming the doom2 iwad is in the same folder as the executable and the demo. If for some reason it is elsewhere (e.g. in the folder c:\omgiwads), then you'd use

prboom -iwad c:\omgiwads\doom2.wad -file hr.wad -playdemo pn22-123

Alternatively, drag and drop both the pwad and the lmp onto the prboom exe (or a shortcut to it).

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I tried the first 2 and they didn't work, it kept coming up with all these unknown commands.
I tried dragging them and it said 'IdentifyVersion: IWAD not found'

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Make sure doom2.wad is in the same folder as prboom.exe.

Otherwise you need to use a command line and give the full DOS paths to the files.

If you are entering the command line via "Start - Run...", then you need to give the DOS path of the executable. e.g.:
c:\doom2\prboom -file hr.wad -playdemo pn22-123

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