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i need some ideas ! help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I need some ideas.
I'm making 3 map for my ZD3K mod, i need to lets some conspiracy between some High EDF Marines Division and some intelligent aliens kinds.

Those maps are i a huge space station named ORBIT-9. The space station are in orbit of the planet Zeth. Zeth have a luna named Orion.
These maps are in a Half-Life and Quake 2 kinda map in Doom2 using HUBS, ACS, Special Trick, ...

Anyone have a scenario to share ?

All can be done simply in ACS.

Thanks. :)

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In my TC I have a couple of levels that hint at consiracy between the Red Giant company and the Incanese Army.

Red Giant are a huge technology company based on Mars, the Inca Republic is a South American nation that attacks Britain late in the 24th century.

A couple of times you come across a Red Giant employee on a level that was mainly an Incanese war scenario. The player would maybe just enter a room that looked like a board room or something, but instead of there just being Incas in there, there would be a couple or Red Giant guys too.

This comes to a head after you manage to release a large electromagnetic pulse that destroys all the Incanese war robots in your area. The next level has a scene where some Red Giant guys are seen delivering new Red Giant robots to the inca army. Easy to do, it was essentially a warehouse type area with a bunch of Inca and Red Giant guys in the same place and a conveyor belt carrying some Robots to look like a new delivery.

Obviously things were quite a bit more detailed than that, but it's a suggestion. A consiracy to share alien technology may or may not fit in with what you have planned.

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