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sorry.. how do you name a title? not the DM01 part

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I'd really like to change the 'unnamed' when my map loads each time, but I cant find the bloody place for the life of me

Filename -- done:)
load name -- done
map title/credits -- where?

thanks in advance :)

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wee this was something i never used back in the old deu days.. gonna take a look thanks!

it says unamed when you join the map (in the console)

or if you do

load blah.wad

it goes:


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You can change the map names displaying in the console by making a custom MAPINFO lump.

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Or DeHackEd if it's a Map01-Map32 or E1M1-E1M9 sorta thing. If it's MAP33, or MAP45 or some shit like that, then you need to edit the MAPINFO lump.

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