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good comp to run doom3?

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1 gig ram

350 watt power supply (or 400 not sure which 1 to get)

sapphire ati radeon 9800 xt

120 gig harddrive

windows xp home

soundblaster audigy 2zs

pentium4 3.0ghz (or 2.8 not sure again which 1 to get) ht

16x dvd rom drive

52x (something like that) cd rom drive

thats about it
should i wait and see if the price goes down because of the new line of x800 cards? will this comp be able to play doom3 at a high quality level? thx
(might be a stupid question 2 u guys but im not good with comps)

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It will be enough to play it at high quality settings!!! I have a similar rig and im not worried so RELAX, this is John Carmacks game we're talking about not Crytech! It will work great on that rig.

But dont get Win XP home edition, get the Pro.

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and if i get a 128 version first then decided to a 256 version upgrade would i more wattage? because im getting a dell (hopefully) and i think it says it has 120 watts would i need to upgrade that too?

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Theres only a SLIGHT, and i mean SLIGHT difference when you use 1600x1200 4xAA and 8xAF on a 256mb card. and its in the order of 5 fps. get the 128mb version.

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for right now gonna get the 128 version

and if i were to get the 9800 xt how much more fps would i get for doom3?

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