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Is there something like Zeth for Windows?

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Unfortunately my graphics board only supports linear framebuffer modes, but Zeth uses banked mode, I think.

I tried Doombuilder, which is quite good, though I miss some useful features like Y auto allignment, heights/lightlevel distribution and make lift/door from sector.
Seeing them in a future Doombuilder version would be even better, of course. But for now, I only can use Zeth in DOSBox (the emulator), which is very slow and also only works in 640x480 (in which the texture browser doesn't work correctly).

So, are there more alternatives to Zeth? Or is there a way I missed, telling Zeth to use linear framebuffer?

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Try to run (DOS-)ZETH in VESA 640x480 mode. Whatever banked mode is, it is the default that was used years ago, and thus should be supported by most x86 graphic cards.

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