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Doom III Promotional Footage-Remix Music Video

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I compiled a doom3 E3/Legacy music video, it is quite promotional, it just plain kicks ass, I took the E3 video and the Legacy video, and remixed/combined them too a song, ("Disturbed - Rise") while still keeping the aspects of comparison between the original doom series and the hyper-realistic doom3 :)

The video itself is 640x480, DivX avi @ 2,500kbps, its about 82mb, 4-pass quality encode :)

You can download it off the server it?s on if you like

But thanks for viewing, I hope for opinions and other useful ideas for this video, perhaps as a tool to get your parents to buy you the game? If they are "that type"

-pz out


-PS, I recommend a Pentium 1GHz or greater, with 256mb of ram to play this video smoothly, video was encoded with DivX 5.05, I recommend ffdshow also or the latest DivX


Video was made using the following applications and system:

Adobe Premiere
Adobe Photoshop
Paint shop Pro
Animation Shop
Apple QuickTime

CPU: AthlonXP 1700+ @ 2.17GHz
MoBo: EPoX 8K9A2
Ram: pc2700 Kingston 512MB, Timings: 2.0-3-2-6CL
HDD: IBM 60GB ATA/133 & Seagate 80GB ATA/133
Video: ATi Radeon 9600XT 128mb @ 580/351
SamSung CDRW/DVD SM-352B
SoundBlaster Audigy 2
Logitech MX510
fUNC pad http://www.func.net

Yes I play QuakeWorld - Every Day!

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Looks great. Are you sure there's no footage from the leaked alpha in there, though ? Most of the actual Doom 3 footage looks exceptionally fluid and detailed.

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sure, just go to fileplanet and download the E3 and Legacy MOV movies and youll be able to analyse for yourself, that all footage in the musicvid was taken from those two videos

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DivX is evil - it's got evil Gator Corporation shit in it that installs spyware on your comp and forces you to frequently delete Gator crap files.

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Last I saw, there is a FREEWARE version of Divx. You don't have to get the enhanced version which has the spyware in it.
Why don't they make spyware illegal? Isn't part of the law present to protect the innocent and uninformed?

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DEMOn said:

Last I saw, there is a FREEWARE version of Divx. You don't have to get the enhanced version which has the spyware in it.

So far, I haven't found the non-spyware version.

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Grandpa dsm: Back in mah day, this there spyware an' malware was a rarety - most comp'nies respect'd prahvacy n' such. Not laihk nowadays where we gots spyware around every CORNER an' in every little in'nernet tidbit ya downloads.

Grumpy ol' coot's grandson: Oh tellin' me another exaggerated story about YOUR time, eh? Tell that to the marines, old man.

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