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Cydreams: level 30. Stuck.....

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Okay, I've determined that even cheating this is next to impossible. :p

So you start in the middle of this platform in space with a huge ring of Cyberdemons around you off in the distance. There's one little sign here that says "DESTRUCTION" and what I think is a large pillar, it doesn't render right in JDoom (so what, I couldn't get the cydreams exe to run. Only render error I've found..... minor HOMs, nothing to worry about.)

So, aside from typing IDFA a hundred times and BFGing these guys to death, what the heck do I do here? I'm completely lost.


edit: You'd think after all this, Hectic in Doom64TC would be a friggin cakewalk.....

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Ok there's 2 little stairs right in front of the destruction sign. Run over the stairs and then run to the next set of stairs to the right. They're only open for a couple seconds so run fast. Once you get there, step on the first step and wait for it to raise, then step over the second step. Now run all the way across the room to the set of stairs in front of you. Do the same thing--that is, step on the first step, wait for it to raise, and step on the second step. Now run to the last set of stairs to the left. Same thing. Now walk back to the destruction sign and slowly an elevator will come down with a health potion on it. Get the potion and congratulations. Watch the spectacular finish.

What a great wad. What an awesome wad. What a spectacularly awesome and great wad.

EDIT: BTW if you really don't understand what the hell I'm talking about, you may want to switch to a different port just for this level. Any port should work as long as you remember the .deh file.

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Woh I just took a look at it in jdoom and wow that's messed up. Wowzer. Howzer wowzer I highly recommend you switch ports for this level, right now if you're seeing what I'm seeing whew that's messed up.

EDIT: If you do end up switching ports then while you're at it play level 29 and 32 again. Both are very very good levels that should not be missed.

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Yeah I ended up switching for that map. I likely was seeing what you saw. No wonder I didn't have any idea, eh? :)

I love the voodoo doll stuff in Level 31 and 32. At first I didn't know what it was so I laid into it with my rocket launcher, then I died.... I was really confused. lol

nice effect on that.

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